Free Books and Important Announcements!

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Alert, Alert! Imminent Kindle Book Giveaway!

Tired of reading about how quickly the world as we know it is coming to the end?

Want to regain a sense of perspective by reading some escapist literature about a universe that is definitely much closer to collapsing under the weight of impending doom than our own?

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Well, you’re in luck!  Because next week the first two books of The Paderborn Chronicles will be available for free on Kindle!

That’s right.  From Monday, June 27 until Friday, July 1, you can snag Dark the Night Descending and Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow for free on Amazon.

It’s the perfect chance to dive into the series for the first time or refresh your memory before Dark the Chains of Treason hits the virtual shelves this August.

If you can’t wait that long, you can always read any of my novels for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription or pay just 99 cents to get your hands on the first volume of Arran Swinn’s five-star adventures.

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No matter how you acquire your copy, I will once again do what all authors must do and beg you, abjectly and on my knees, to leave a review when you’re done reading.

Honest feedback is worth more to me than the royalties I might get from a full-price purchase, so don’t feel awkward about writing a review if you get the books for free next week.

There will be more reminders forthcoming on my Facebook page and Twitter account in case it slips your mind over the weekend.

Download!  Read!  Have fun!  Do it for free!  Write a sentence or two in a review on Goodreads or Amazon and I will be eternally yours.

Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow: Happy (Belated) Launch Day!


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So!  Yesterday was technically Launch Day for Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow, but since I had a truly awful and rotten 24 hours, which included spilling an entire 16oz iced tea on the kitchen floor moments after running out of paper towels (the day after doing exactly the same thing on the living room carpet with coffee), I’m just going to pretend that today is Launch Day instead.

Happy Launch Day!

Those of you who pre-ordered your Kindle copies should have received them already.  A very big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered!  It was a nice thing for you to do.

Those of you who wish to order a paperback can now do so from Amazon or directly from the CreateSpace store (which gives me a slightly larger slice of the profits).

I realize that the launch of the second book in a series is kind of a weird thing.  If you haven’t read the first one, then this entire exercise is meaningless to you, and my next two launches as I finish up the set will grow even more meaningless still.  Sorry about that.

But now is a really great time to start reading Dark the Night Descending if you want to catch up!  It’s very good, I promise.  There are ships and evil spirits and shapeshifting sea creatures, plus enough snarky sarcasm to keep you entertained if none of that really does it for you.

Thank you very much for bearing with me during my brief bursts of self-promotion.  For those of you who have read Dark the Night Descending and/or are planning to read Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow, I will conclude with my usual plea to please, please leave book reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.   They are priceless and wonderful and amazing, so do it!