Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow

Coming in August, 2015.

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Arran Swinn is dreaming, balanced on the edge of death in the darkness deep under the earth, where the Siheldi make their home.  With nothing but a whisper to guide her, Megrithe Prinsthorpe is the only one who can bring his nightmare to an end.

Drawn back to the island of Niheba with new allies and a burning secret, she must once again follow Arran’s fading trail before his enemies reach him first.

The Guild of Miners has no power in the neneckt homeland, and King Tiaraku isn’t the only one who knows it.  As the people of Paderborn go about their lives in ignorance, a sinister cult rises to seize power from the embattled king of the sea.

Shadowed by memories of a terror she should never have survived, Megrithe must find a way into the lair of the Siheldi Queen before Arran’s fate – and the future of Niheba – are sealed by a shocking treachery.

Dark the Dreamer’s Shadow is the second book the Paderborn Chronicles.

Read an excerpt online (PDF – no download required)


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