Dark the Chains of Treason

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The island city of Niheba lies in ruins, shaken to pieces by the earthquake that closed the gateway to the Siheldi Queen’s lair.

Stranded in the chaos with only a few friends by her side, Megrithe Prinsthorpe resumes her search for Arran Swinn, convinced that he survived his terrible wounds.

But she is not the only one who is keen to find him.  Arran’s enemies know more about what happened in the depths of Sind Heofonne than he does, and Niheba is no place for a marked man to hide.

Meanwhile in Paderborn, the Guild is mourning the sudden death of one of its own.   But the investigation into the murder of the Master’s son produces more questions than answers, leading Jairus Lanque back home – only to uncover an unthinkable treachery.

As rebellion stirs the broken island of the neneckt, and the extent of the Guild’s corruption is revealed, Arran must face the demons that set him on a path of unfathomable destruction.