CreateSpace Featured Author Showcase

Hello, strangers!  ‘Tis I, your wandering author.  After about two weeks of intensive packing and a weekend-long location re-calibration, I’m back to writing, awaiting the arrival of my new feline friend, and ready to take the reins again.

So let’s start off with some good news!  Most of you know that I’ve been using CreateSpace to publish my books, and some of you know that I’ve recommended it for those looking to make the leap into paperback self-publishing.  Well, a few weeks after winning the Shelf Unbound award, I was contacted by a lovely woman at Amazon’s PR firm who put me forward for a featured spot in CreateSpace’s member showcase.


And it worked!  You can read my interview feature here, and please, by all means, spread the word around.  It’s really awesome to be recognized by the people who made it so easy to put my work out there in the first place.  Hopefully this is just another step towards great things.

As always, thanks for your support and good cheer.  I’m really, totally, truly, almost sort of done with the first draft of The Spoil of Zanuth-Karun, and even though it’ll take a little longer than anticipated to get it to market, I think it’ll really be worth the wait.  Stay tuned!

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