Treason’s Choices: Seovann’s Tale

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The great city of Sheidanou has never held any allure for Seovann gar Echaldu, who prefers to spend his days in battle against the Llorani’s sworn enemies, far to the south in Etzlim. But when his twin sister, Sanemki, sends for him in a letter, he doesn’t hesitate to come to her aid.

What he finds in the capital is a tense stand-off between powerful politicians, and the stakes are his beloved Etzlim. Asked to pick a side against his will, Seovann tries to navigate the sordid game, complicated by his growing love for the niece of the least prominent player.

He discovers that the price of losing is far greater than he can imagine, in a place where unexpected betrayals happen every day.

Treason’s Choices: Seovann’s Tale is a companion novella to The Last Death of Tev Chrisini.