Anshema: A female Llorani warrior fighting in Dovriun.  She meets Veirran Ashosu and becomes his lover.

Alreiven: A fishing village in Dovriun.  It will later expand into a notable trading city.

Althydena: Tev’s mother and Teiden’s wife.  She becomes involved in the quest to hide the Book from Darroth Adin.

Ayakkult: The Moreivi sun god, husband of Naddorei and ruler of the Moreivi’s spiritual affairs.

Baravann: A Llorani warrior, cousin of Anshema and a friend to Veirran.

Book of Jh’taith: A collection of spells compiled by Jh’taith and Darroth Adin, written down by Serdaro and buried deep under Sayis after the Emperor’s death.

Chandoia: A secretive country on the coast bordering Dovriun and Lisastya.

Chithura: The leader of the Llorani, a queen-like figure with magical training who resides in Sheidanou.

Darroth Adin: A warlord and sorcerer from Dovriun who works his way into Emperor Jh’taith’s confidence.

Dovriun: A southern province continually fighting the Empire’s control, known mostly as a humid, barren swamp.

Echsir: A small outpost city in the province of Kialdar.

Eidarhta Church: The central religious power in the Empire, headed by the Patriarch and a college of bishops.

Eidarhta City: A new Church-driven settlement on the southern coast, close to the border of Llorani territory in Etzlim.

Eisa Nabedi: A Moreivi woman who comes to Sayis to study after living a life of anonymity in Isata.

Enryn Ashosu: Serdaro and Veirran’s father, and Ganeya’s husband.  He is a former politician who sometimes works with the Tohada’a.

Esengor: Siksarothi’s father, a powerful chieftain in Lisastya.

Etzlim: A fertile, much-contested southern province of Jajyaak.

Feila gar Eidram: Wife of Resaki gar Eidram.

Ganeya Ashosu: Serdaro and Veirran’s mother, and Enryn’s wife.

Gyim Islands: An archipelago in the southern ocean, known for its spices, luxury goods, and sugar cane.

Honnal: A Moreivi Elder particularly well-versed in the development and use of the tidafu lo-honas.

Ingdroth: A warrior from Dovriun and Darroth Adin’s right hand man.

Isata: A prosperous city situated in the rich farmlands of the central plains.

Jajyaak: The Llorani homeland, stretching from north of the Yene all the way to the southern coast.  Its capital is Sheidanou.

Jh’taith: Emperor of Zanuth-Karun, father of Kaludar and Rodweyn.

Jirama: A priest and clerical advisor who is paid to pretend he is Princess Siksarothi’s lover.

Kaludar: Jh’taith’s older son, husband to Siksarothi.

Keliphu: The Moreivi term for a wise man or sorcerer with training in the spheres of dreaming and foresight.

Kialdar: A mountainous northern province under the Empire’s control, home to the city of Echsir.

Liathe: A slave girl belonging to Darroth Adin.

Lisastya: An expansive grassland to the north-west of the Empire’s territories, populated by nomadic herders and horsemen.

Llorani: A breed of war-like people from Jajyaak.  Many live in Sayis to fight in the Empire’s troops or engage in trade.

Maaksim Turisi: A renowned Llorani physician turned activist.  He is friends with Resaki gar Eidram and reluctantly agrees to teach Emperor Jh’taith about Llorani medicine.

Marrira: An icy wasteland to the north of Lisastya, covered by a dense and impenetrable forest.

Meiru: A physician who lives outside of Alreiven, and a former friend of Darroth Adin.

Moreivi: A tribe of immortals, cast out of their home in Yhen Lidra and forced to live among mortal men in the Empire of Zanuth-Karun.

Mormora: The mountain range that covers the northern reaches of Lisastya, fabled as the lost home of the Moreivi.

Naddorei: Also known as the Stone Daughter, Naddorei is considered the mother of the Moreivi people.  She is the enemy of Ayakkult, her husband, and is associated with winter, death, and the hostile mountains.

Omrodan: An Eidarhta bishop who becomes involved in the political affairs of the court.

Ranelma: A Moreivi Elder who is an expert in the dream ways.

Resaki gar Eidram: A Llorani baron and former Empire soldier. He is friends with Maaksim Turisi and is married to Feila gar Eidram.

Risdena: Darroth Adin’s legion of followers, greatly expanded after the fall of the Empire and their retreat to the forests of Marrira.

Rodweyn: Jh’taith’s younger son.  He is having an affair with his brother’s wife, Siksarothi.

Sarrayim: A Moreivi Elder who is head of the council known as the Tohada’a.

Sayis: The capital of the Empire of Zanuth-Karun.  It is situated on the central plains, near the River Sigai.

Serdaro Ashosu: A young Moreivi man who works as a clerk until he catches the eye of the Emperor.

Sheidanou: The capital of Jajyaak, seat of the Chithura.  It is an ancient city rarely seen by anyone of Eidarhta heritage.

Siksarothi: Wife of Kaludar, Jh’taith’s older son.  She is the daughter of Esengor.

Teiden: A keliphu who is intimately involved with the Tohada’a.  He is Althydena’s husband.

Tev: Althydena and Teiden’s son, the only surviving Moreivi.

Tidafu lo-honas: A magical Moreivi tool, implanted in the owner’s palm, which grants the power to control life and death.

Tohada’a: The Moreivi’s ruling council, made up of a panel of Elders, intended to guide the people.

Veirran Ashosu: Serdaro’s older brother, a major in the Empire’s army.

Yene Mountains: A mountain range that cuts east to west across Kialdar and Jajyaak.

Yhen Lidra: The lost home city of the Moreivi, situated in the Mormora Mountains and abandoned after a brutal civil war.

Zanuth-Karun: The Empire that encompasses most of the known world, bordered to the north-west by Lisastya and the east by the Llorani land of Jajyaak.  Its capital is Sayis.