Adamnan – Denach’s tutor and friend, who entrusts him with a letter to deliver to the abbess of Rodomme.

Adn Toraw – An elite corps of Eidarhta guards, membership to which is by invitation only.  A cadre travels with Lord Baras to Gidan.

Alreiven – A trading city located on an island at the mouth of three rivers in Dovriun.  Its keenest interest is in commerce, not all of it legal.

Althydena – Tev’s mother, who died when he was a small child.

Ausring – A lord from Awd Cian, and the commander of a detachment of troops sent to defend Echsir, which includes Tev and Lerien.  He takes control of the city after the death of Governor Yijare.

Awd Cian – A thoroughly Ikeli country, and one of the main central powers, situated in between Lisastya and the Llorani land of Jajyaak.  Torros is its capital city.

Baras Ardver Thelendias – A bishop from Eidarhta City who is acting as the ambassador from Eidarhta to the peace summit in Gidan.

Baulath – A village north of the Yene Mountains, which contains an inn known as the Blue Hart.

Bavyku – Central city of the northern Ikeli Church, located on an island in a lake to the far north of Awd Cian.

Berrict – The commander of the Ikeli army stationed in Echsir, a colonel who is killed in the battle with Polormi.

Book of Jh’taith – A tome containing spells and secrets discovered by Jh’taith before his death.  It is said to contain a powerful weapon, which many wish to possess, but its author hid it without letting sharing the location with anyone.  It is closed with a key in the shape of a golden cube, which is a puzzle box.

Cerawen – An Eidarhta woman of indeterminate background who has studied the Book of Jh’taith and is intent on proving its existence and discovering its hiding place.  She travels to Gidan with the Eidarhta delegation to conduct personal business there.

Chandoia – A western country, isolated and largely unknown to the conflict in the east.

Chithura – The hereditary title of the ruler of the Llorani, always a woman, the current incarnation of which gives Tev some valuable information.

Ciardmor – The forest to the south of the city of Isata, spreading on both sides of the Imarhon River.  A popular summer retreat area for wealthy Osero residents, being somewhat tame and boasting many opulent villas.

Darroth Adin – Founder of the Risdena, he is a power–hungry adviser to Jh’taith who was deeply involved in his studies, and is sometimes said to be the true author of the Book of Jh’taith.

Denach Dedobi – An Ikeli priest from Dovriun, who comes into possession of an important artifact.

Dovriun – Home to Alreiven, an important trading city, and mainly concerned with commerce.  It is involved in the conflict, with Awd Cian and Osero, for sea rights off the island of Mariosa.

Echsir – Capital of Kialdar, currently in Ikeli hands, which comes under siege from the Eidarhta army, led by Duke Polormi.

Eidarhta – One of the two dominant religious and cultural forces, opposing the northern Ikeli.  Eidarhta is the name of the land surrounding Eidarhta City, as well as a general term for anyone who adheres to the southern alliance.

Emor – A Kialdari soldier who guides the Eidarhta envoy through the Yene Mountains.

Etzlim – A mostly dry, hot southern country, traditionally Llorani territory, but in modern times mostly a tributary of Eidarhta.  Its northern border remains hotly disputed.

Feren Sulako – The captain of the Kelbeli, a caravel in Osero’s navy which patrols the coast for smuggling activity.

Garrem Rhivesna – Lerien’s estranged cousin, a captain with the Adn Toraw.  Originally stationed with Duke Polormi, he travels to Gidan with Baras’ delegation.

Gidan – A prosperous, neutral city–state north of Kialdar and the Yene Mountains, and the site of several major academic and religious institutions.  The peace summit is held there.

Gyim Islands – A chain of islands in the southern ocean, known for its spices, rare goods, and the devout religious nature of its people, the Ysvesi.

Heshen Plains – A fertile river plain southeast of the Sigai Mountains, fiercely contested between Awd Cian, Osero, and Dovriun.

Hinira – Abbess of Rodomme, a friend of Adamnan and a confidante of Denach.

Hrodi – A local thug in Baulath, who takes a dislike to the delegation’s arrival in his village.

Ikeli – Centered in the island city of Bavyku, the Ikeli comprise any member of the northern alliance, culturally and religiously.  Awd Cian is its main backer, but its influence is felt in Lisastya and Dovriun, as well as Kialdar.

Isata – Capital of Osero.  Lerien and Garrem’s former home.  It was sacked nearly six years ago in a battle between the Ikeli and Eidarhta, causing much loss of life.

Isdra – A highly placed advisor to the Chithura.

Jajyaak – Home of the Llorani, separated from Ikeli and Awd Cian by a long Wall, long since eroded in the south.  Its southern province of Etzlim is also claimed by the Eidarhta, causing much grief for the Llorani.  Its major city is Sheidanou, the seat of the Chithura.

Jh’taith – The last Emperor of Zanuth–Karun, whose interest in sorcery caused the downfall of the empire and his own death.  He is the supposed author of the Book of Jh’taith, which he hid from the Risdena and others before his demise.

Kaip Antia Yosu – The Llorani ambassador to Gidan, who hopes to negotiate peace with Eidarhta.

Kerimu – A member of the Llorani delegation to Gidan, and Kaip’s nephew.

Khesja – A Ysvesi woman traveling with her family of traders through the Yene Mountains.

Kialdar – A much–fought–over province sandwiched between Osero and Awd Cian, whose major export is salt from the Yene Mountains.  It is currently mostly under Ikeli control.

Kicherin – A notable tribe from northwest Lisastya, who moved south and east due to raids on their home by the Risdena.

Ksei – An adviser to Governor Yijare, and a major in the Kialdari army.

Lerien Ardryn–mor – Originally from Osero, now in Lord Ausring’s service providing intelligence for the Kialdari army after he lost his family in the sack of Isata almost six years ago.  He is good friends with Tev, and knows about his immortality.

Lisastya – A vast and empty country, which consists mostly of prairie, with no major cities except the ruins of Sayis.  Once the heart of Zanuth–Karun, its current inhabitants are mostly nomadic tribes of cattle herders and small farmers.

Llorani – The people of Jajyaak, who have historically been persecuted by the Eidarhta, especially after the breakup of Zanuth–Karun.  They are known as fierce fighters and isolationists, rarely seen anywhere outside their own borders.

Lyette Gafisa – An Ikeli woman who attends Polormi’s banquet after peace is declared.

Mariosa – An island off the coast of disputed land at the border of Osero and Dovriun, and the goal of the corridor through the Heshen that is clamed by Awd Cian.  It is a strategically important seaport, midway between Eidarhta City and Alreiven.

Marrira – A cold and remote country far to the north, mostly dense forest.  The Risdena retreated to it after the fall of the empire, and had no contact with the outside world except for occasional raids in Lisastya until the present day.

Meryn – A deserter and former sergeant who leads a group of bandits in the Yene Mountains.

Moreivi – The name of an almost–extinct ancient people, who took on the guardianship of the Book of Jh’taith after the fall of the empire, but were hunted down by the Risdena centuries previously.

Mormora Mountains – A mostly inaccessible mountain rage east of Marrira, the source of the three major rivers that cut through Dovriun and Lisastya.  Its foothills follow the course of the Sigai River going south, cutting the grasslands down the middle.

Niedreth – A widow from Awd Cian, and old friends with Ausring.  She is a leader in Echsir’s society, and is knowledgeable about its politics.

Osero – The major Eidarhta power, possessed of good farming land and the Maeglu and Imarhon Rivers.  Its capital city is Isata.

Oskim – Chief of the Kicherin, and a friend of Tev’s from a previous life.

Osryn – Oskim’s son, a Kicherin warrior who takes a liking to Cerawen.

Otina Sisters – Yara and Eilda, who attend Polormi’s dinner party after peace is declared.

Polormi – A duke from Osero, the commander of the Eidarhta force which intends to lay siege to Echsir.

Risdena – Originally the close advisers of Emperor Jh’taith, the Risdena became interested in the darker secrets their Emperor uncovered, and withdrew to Marrira, intent on unearthing the Book after it was hidden from them.  They are responsible for much of the major upheaval after the fall of Zanuth–Karun.

Salak – An advisor to Colonel Berrict, and later to Ausring.

Sanemki – A highly ranked leader of the Chithura’s personal guard, the nyjatu, who is sent to Sayis to keep Tev out of harm and represent the Chithura’s interests on his quest.  She is Seovann’s twin sister.

Sayis – The former capital of Zanuth–Karun, now a vast ruin, and the supposed location of the Book of Jh’taith.

Seovann – Sanemki’s twin brother, who befriends Lerien when he is sent to Sayis with Tev and company as a guide.

Sigai – A treacherous river that cuts through Lisastya, close to Sayis.  Also the name of a small mountain range and bordering forest in Osero.

Sondast – King of Awd Cian, whose major objective as ruler has been to secure the island of Mariosa for his country.

The Sulchas – A colonel and his wife, adoptive guardians of Cerawen.

Tasris – A second Kialdari soldier who joins the Eidarhta envoy on the trip to Gidan.

Tev Chrisini – Currently a Kialdari soldier, his immortality from an unknown source means he has taken on many personas in the past.  He is chosen by Ausring to guard the Eidarhta ambassador through the mountains.

Thervori – The Risdena general who leads the attack against Echsir, and is spearheading the hunt for the Book of Jh’taith.

Torros – Capital of Awd Cian, positioned between several lakes, where Lord Ausring, Lady Niedreth, and Lyette Gafisa used to live.

Uskin Goen – Innkeeper at the Castle and Crown, a tavern in Echsir.

Vakel – An army deserter who is one of the bandits that attack the Eidarhta delegation in the mountains.

Vaorra – A Risdena agent searching for information about the Book of Jh’taith.  She brings Denach to Sayis and encounters Tev there.

Yene Mountains – A mountain chain in Kialdar, known for its salt–producing brine caves.  They lie partly in contested territory.

Yijare – Governor of Echsir, who is assassinated during the first battle with Duke Polormi.

Ysvesi – The name of a trading people from the Gyim Islands.  Tev and his company encounter a group of them while crossing the Yene Mountains.

Zanuth–Karun – The great empire that united the northern and southern regions, bringing peace and prosperity until it dissolved into a multitude of territories due to mismanagement by the last Emperor.