I mean, wow.  I know I should start being a little more creative, based on what I’m about to say, but that’ll have to do.

Last night, before going to bed, I decided to add my previous post to StumbleUpon.  I’ve done that before with other pages, and got one or two hits before it disappeared into the murk depths of that behemoth collection of internet goodies.  I love StumbleUpon, don’t get me wrong.  It’s one of the best ways there is to kill a couple of hours, and there’s some really awesome stuff out there.  I just hadn’t had much success with it as an agent for driving my own web traffic.

Until today.

I don’t too many hits on this thing.  My busiest day of all time was 79, and that was kind of a fluke because I published several posts.  I’m thrilled when I get one or two referrals from Facebook or someone else’s blog in a week, and a new follower is like, big news.  So when I woke up to this in the morning – well, in the afternoon, because I had a horrible night’s sleep, but that’s another story – I was totally shocked:

Yeah, that’s just today.  And better yet?  At the moment, I’m sitting on 859.  Now, I’m aware that StumbleUpon doesn’t give you a choice of what webpages it sends you to.  Sure, you pick a couple of topics, but the whole premise is that it’s random.  It’s not like 850 people decided to visit my website.  But…850 people visited my website.  And a couple of them clicked around, and a few of them downloaded my story.  And even though my stats are now totally screwed up forever, that’s kind of awesome.

Plus I’ve got all these flags!  You can’t tell me that’s not the most exciting part of looking at your Dashboard, guys.  I was so psyched when they introduced that feature, because I am a dork.

It’s as close to being an international jet-setter as I’m ever going to get, and I’m totally going to nerd out over it for a while, whether you like it or not.

I have no idea if this is going to become a regular thing.  I added a couple of other posts and pages, too, but they don’t seem to be having the same effect.  But hey.  I’m not complaining.

So I’d like to give a big hello to anyone who decided to stick around after being forcibly manhandled into my little circus.  Feel free to look around, criticize my DVD collection while I’m in the restroom, and make yourself feel at home.

Also, if you’re from one of those lovely far-away places, leave a comment and say hi!


The Earth-stepper’s Bargain

Click here to download from Smashwords

Hey guys.  So I wrote a little short story, and I’m offering it for free in pretty much every digital format your little heart could desire.  Kindle, PDF, plain text, Nook – you name it.  Click on the picture to download it from Smashwords.  I’m sorry to say that you will have to sign up for an account, but it seems like a relatively painless endeavor.

It’s just under 7000 words, so it’s a quick read, and unrelated to any of the current projects I’ve got up in the air.  Feel free to let me know what you think!  The short story is an art unto itself, and one I haven’t explored very much (considering a typical work of mine is a hundred thousand words or more, it’s easy to see why), but it’s something I’d like to work on.  For those of you with more experience, I’d be happy to take some pointers.

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