About the Author

4julysmilesmallJennifer Bresnick is a 2007 graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a major in history. Born and raised on Long Island, NY, she now resides in the Boston area, fervently avoiding all discussions about professional sports.

When she isn’t writing down the conversations in her head to give them an appearance of respectability, Jen can be found on the archery range, crocheting something, or capitulating to the demands of her cat – but usually not all at the same time.

Jen’s novels, articles, and expertise about self-publishing, fantasy, world-building, and the craft of writing have been featured in major outlets including Shelf Unbound Magazine, Booklife by Publisher’s Weekly, CreateSpace, and The Daily Post by WordPress.  Please visit the press room for more details.


To contact me with questions or opportunities for interviews, guest blog posts, or appearances, please use the form below.

For inquiries related to HealthITAnalytics, EHRintelligence, or other Xtelligent Media properties, please contact me directly at jbresnick@xtelligentmedia.com.  Nothing on this site is in any way affiliated with my day job.


14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out the post on my site explaining how you are to accept this nomination.

  2. I’m also living in MA and avoid the subject of sports like the plague (which is incredibly difficult in this state, as you well know!) Will definitely check out your books, and follow your blog in the meantime…

    • I find that a really blank, bored stare usually drives them off looking for someone who’s actually interested in the Red Sox. Welcome to my site!

      • Or the Celtics…
        ….or the Patriots…
        …….or the Bruins.

        Really, it’s almost a shame I’m not into sports. I moved to MA about five years ago with my husband. Have you noticed that it’s actually hard to meet/ make friends if you’re not into sports around here? (Or is that just me? Please say it isn’t just me!)

  3. Hello miss Bresnick my name’s K. P. Sherman i too just released a novel for the first time and your right it was a blessing i would to see what you think my books called “Walk of the Zagabash” any feedback would be appreciated you can find a sample at amazon.com or on http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/296863

    thank you for your time

    K. P. Sherman

  4. Hello Jen! I am a new reader of your novels and can’t wait to finish The Last Death of Tev Chrisini! I recently self-published through Createspace and wondered what great advice you can give me on marketing myself to the authoring world 🙂 If you wish, you can check out my novel, simply entitled “Wisteria: Vol 1” on amazon 🙂 Have a good one!

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