Get a Kindle Copy of Dark the Night Descending Free!

Surprise!  For the next three days, April 8 to 10, you can pick up a Kindle copy of Dark the Night Descending for free.

Click here to order from Amazon!

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That’s right!  If you live in the Northeast, you’re going to need something to keep you company during our latest little snowstorm.  If you live anywhere else…just keep it to yourself, okay?  Our soon-to-be-frozen crocuses and daffodils will thank you for it.

No matter where you call home, a good book should always be on the radar, so head on over to Amazon and see if mine takes your fancy.

For those of you who have already taken the plunge, now would be the perfect time to leave a review and use the mighty influence of your opinion to help other readers make the right life choices.

Please feel free to spread the word and share with your friends, too!


Dark the Night Descending

Arran Swinn knows a thing or two about nightmares. After all, they killed his father. When the sun goes down, the Siheldi come out, and surviving the onslaught until daybreak can be little more than a gamble without the right protection.

Thanks to a dash of luck, a little daring, and an heirloom from his father, Arran can provide protection these days – for the right fee. Guiding seagoing merchants along the haunted trade routes is easy money…right up until he takes on a secretive passenger who proves to be almost as bad as the Siheldi themselves.

With the daylight fading and the ocean rising, Arran finds himself saddled with an illegal cargo, a bargain for his soul that he can’t hope to keep, and the unwelcome scrutiny of Megrithe Prinsthorpe, a tenacious trade inspector intent on seeing him hang for his misdeeds.

After uncovering a plot that could replace the Siheldi with something much worse, Arran must decide just how much he’s willing to sacrifice to the spirits that have had him marked out since the night his father’s death changed his life forever.


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