Hark, a Contest: Dark the Night Descending Book Reviews

Hey there, cats and kittens.  Since all is quiet on the mouse-hunting front, I thought I’d give Oliver the opportunity to create a different kind of mayhem by introducing a shiny new contest for all my lovely followers.

That’s right!  Remember when I said that superstar reviewers would get the chance to win something cool?  The time is ripe, so here’s the deal:

I need some book reviews, and you guys need some super awesome nerdy hats and scarves and stuffed animals.  So I propose a trade.  From now until January 15, every time you post a review of Dark the Night Descending (with words, not just stars) on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, or a personal blog, you get entered to win the custom-made crochet creation of your choice.  The more you cross-post, the more chances you have to win.

What exactly am I talking about?  Pretty much anything you can describe to me.  Want a cunning hat from a certain popular space cowboy TV series?  Done, as long as you don’t tell Fox.  A Tom Baker-style scarf from Doctor Who?  A Tardis hat?  A Harry Potter house colors scarf?  A cuddly owl, penguin, lobster, teddy bear, hedgehog, cat, giraffe, or whatever?  You got it, stuffed or in hat form.  Want something from a comic book?  I’ll do my best.  Prefer something on the fashion-forward side instead?  Pick a color and a style, and I can make anything you like for guys, gals, or kids out of quality material.

All you’ve gotta do is read those books you bought!  Or buy one to read, which would be awesome, too.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

The details are below, but the biggest caveat is this: you have to read the book. If I feel like a review was just slapped up there to qualify for the contest and doesn’t adequately reflect a genuine opinion of the full text (positive or negative), I’m going to reserve the right to discount the review and not include the author in the drawing at all.

I want real reviews.  Plain and simple.  I’m just trying to give y’all some extra motivation to publish them.  If this starts to backfire on me, I’m going to cancel everything and you can suffer along without your cozy winter accessories.  No spamming.  No lying.  No nefarious behavior of any kind.  Okay?

So there you have it.  Take some time over the holidays to ignore your relatives and curl up with a good book (or at least with my book) and get rewarded with some awesome stuff.   Please do share this page with everyone you can get your hands on.  The more the merrier.  Let’s help each other out!


The fine print: Reviews that have already been posted for Dark the Night Descending are eligible for the contest and will be included.  If you post a review on a personal blog, comment below to make sure I see it.  Tweets or re-tweets of a review do not add additional entries to the pool.  Entrants must be willing to give me a valid mailing address and to communicate through email to decide on the prize.

Prizes will be mailed within three weeks of finalizing the design unless otherwise specified due to complexity.  International applicants are eligible.  Doctor Who items will be typical scarf length (6’) unless you want to contribute for extra materials.  Please be sure to tell me about any wool allergies!

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