Some free books for a long weekend

Hello, readers!  If you live in the United States, chances are you’re reading this right now because you want to kill a few extra moments of the last work day before Labor Day weekend.  I don’t blame you.  Here in the Northeast, the holiday is shaping up to be a fond farewell to a cool and pleasant summer that in no way indicates the imminent demise of our planet from catastrophic climate change.

Too depressing?  How about a little escapism to take your mind off things?  Here are a couple of pretty great options:

Right now through Tuesday, you can download the Kindle version of The Spoil of Zanuth-Karun for free!  Remember this book?  I’m extremely proud of it, yet absolutely no one has given it a read.  You can change that!  I promise you’ll enjoy it.


Click here to download!

If world-shattering epics aren’t quite your style, there’s also some lighter fare on offer.  You can still download my new short story collection, Salt and Oil, Blood and Clay, for free from Smashwords.


Click here to download!

Don’t forget that pre-orders for the eBook of Dark the Night Descending should be available by the end of next week!  Info on the paperback pre-orders will be posted soon.  Don’t worry.  I’ll remind you.

In any case, I hope all my fellow worker drones have a very happy holiday and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.


2 thoughts on “Some free books for a long weekend

  1. Totally busted on the “killing time” thing! I’ll give The Spoil a shot 🙂
    Headed off to amazon before I get distracted again. Enjoy your long weekend too!
    Kassie aka “Mom”

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