Release date revealed and other big announcements

darkcover1Hello, everyone! I’ve got lots and lots of news for you today.

As many of my Facebook followers found out over the weekend, I have decided to move ahead with publishing Dark the Night Descending and the rest of the series through my very own imprint.

Why? Well, I’ve taken a little bit of time to query a few agents, none of whom replied positively (most of whom didn’t reply at all). While the process of querying makes me feel frustrated, insignificant, discouraged, and annoyed, I’m never happier than when I’m moving forward with a self-publishing project: creating, experimenting, exploring, and engaging with a world that makes me feel competent and at ease. 

Far from “giving up” on literary success, as some people have indicated, I am simply pursuing it from an angle that lets me enjoy the process as well as the outcomes. It’s better for me because it’s fun, and it’s better for you because you don’t have to wait another two years to read my next book.

In fact, you’ll only have to wait until October 6, 2014, which is when Dark the Night Descending will be available for purchase.

The Kindle and paperback versions will be available for pre-order in the next week or so on Amazon, and I will also be hosting a Goodreads give-away if you want to try your luck at snagging a free copy. There will be other fun pre-release activities, too, so stay tuned! 

If you can’t wait until October to read some new content, then you can check out a free download of Salt and Oil, Blood and Clay, a collection of my short stories and poetry that is now available from Smashwords for Kindle and any other e-reader you might have. You can click on the link above or try going to my new bookstore page instead.


Most of the stories have been previously published on Inkless, but there are a few new poems, as well. I’ve also included The Earthstepper’s Bargain, a longer epic fantasy piece that was available for purchase elsewhere. Feel free to check it out and pass it along…and leave some reviews? Maybe? Please? 

Anyway, there you have it. There are plenty of new things on the horizon, and this autumn will be a very busy one (especially because I also have two business trips coming up). I’m looking forward to sharing my new worlds and new characters with you guys, and I hope you will all help me make this book launch a success!


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