8174195Sorry this post is a day late, but I spent all of yesterday thinking up puns for my title based on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.  You know why?  Because I just made it into the quarter-finals.  Yay!

As you may know from my last post on the topic, this is my first year entering the contest, and I’m absolutely chuffed to have made it this far.  With my first 5000 words passing the test for a panel of Amazon super-reviewing customers, the full manuscript of Dark the Night Descending now goes to a team of Publishers Weekly reviewers, who will no doubt tear it apart and leave it for dead on the side of the road before picking the best 5 sci-fi/fantasy/horror books out of the 100 still remaining.

And that’s totally okay.  I’m now guaranteed a review from Publishers Weekly, which is a pretty darn good prize, plus I get feedback from real readers on what is, essentially, a very rough draft.  I’m actually more than a little embarrassed about the typos and little mistakes that I wish I’d had time to smooth out, but the submission deadline was what it was.  Oh well.

The next cut isn’t for weeks and weeks, and I will be occupying my time by finishing up the first draft of the second book of the series, and hopefully even starting the conclusion.  I’m having a lot of fun with the story and the characters, and I hope you will, too, whether the book is eventually published by Amazon or by my own methods.  Unless I somehow make it into the semi-finals, I still anticipate a July release for Volume One.

In the meantime, I remain very busy.  I’m writing, editing a side project, doing my actual day job, and next week I get to start a stained glass class that I’m pretty excited about.  I might even take a few moments to step outside in the nice, warm weather…but only if I don’t get some lightning bolt idea for my plot first.

Stay tuned for more developments, and (hopefully) a return to the normal Monday posting schedule!


4 thoughts on “ABNA-cadabra!

  1. I’m in there with you – different category, though, (mystery) Donuts and Doorknobs. Good luck. I’ll try to check in this coming Friday to compare notes on our PW reviews. Good luck.

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