The time has come, the author said…

Hey!  Hey, you!  Yeah, you, sitting at your computer.  Wanna read a book?  Wanna read a book that I’ve promised you for like, a whole year?  Wanna read it now?

Well, you’re in luck, because The Spoil of Zanuth-Karun is now available in paperback and for Kindle!

Ooooh, clicky, clicky!

Ooooh, clicky, clicky!

Yeah!  If you read the free preview over the weekend, you know this is some good stuff.  Politics and war and chaos and magic and sad, beautiful, heart-rending, exciting, bouncing-up-and-down-in-your-chair fantasy goodness.  I still recommend that you read The Last Death of Tev Chrisini first, so you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening, but here’s the good thing: now you can buy them both, read them back-to-back, and get seven hundred years of story in one long, seamless package.

I know it’ll probably take a while for most of you to get through the book, but I’ll start my begging early: please, please, please leave me a review when you’ve finished.  It’s really the most helpful thing you can do for an author, and I will love you forever and ever if you do.

But before we get there, you must buy and read!  And share!  And tell your friends!  I’m really very proud of the way this novel has turned out, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the ride.


6 thoughts on “The time has come, the author said…

    • Maybe I should’ve gotten the e-book. Amazon took 4 days to ship it, and UPS still doesn’t know anything about the tracking number (but it’s still on schedule to be delivered yesterday!)
      Not your fault, though! I really look forward to reading it 🙂

    • David, if your copy is lacking a picture in the back, please let me know and I’ll replace it free of charge. There was a mistake with the file in the first run, which is currently being fixed.

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