Shelf Unbound Self-Publishing Contest 2013


Good morrow, lords and ladies!  I bring you excellent tidings to set your bodkins a-quiver.  Or something.

Shelf Unbound Magazine, patron saint of my early success and a bloody fine publication bringing exposure and praise to indie authors around the world, has opened its writing competition for self-published authors again!

If you’ve published a book through CreateSpace, Lulu, Amazon KDP, a different DIY house, or a small independent press that releases fewer than five titles a year, you’re eligible to take a chance at some awesome exposure and some amazing personal attention from super-publisher and all around wonder woman Margaret Brown.  The full rules are here [PDF], so give them a gander and get on board!

The deadline for entry is midnight on September 10, 2013, which gives you plenty of time.

Oh, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the contest page, you’ll see a friendly face (which belongs to me) and a brazen entreaty to give me your patronage.  I know many of you have already picked up a copy of The Last Death, for which I thank you, but if you haven’t yet, consider throwing your support behind my little campaign.  It is not a condition of entering the contest, just a bit of extraneous pandering.

I highly recommend that you give it a shot.  Last year there were close to 800 entries, and this year there will probably be more, but Shelf Unbound is a great publication to be a part of, and it’s worth a try.


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