That’s the Game, Boys


I’m a Camp NaNoWriMo winner!  For the first time, I’ve successfully topped my word count during a summer event.

It helped to have a novel that’s pure, uncomplicated fun to write, full of adventure, intrigue, bickering siblings, and teenage angst.  Ambergris now stands at 61,000 words, and I think it’ll end up being one of my shorter works, likely concluding at 90,000.  Or 100,000.  Or, you know, maybe 250,000.

In any case, I wrote 50,000 this month (I started early, so the first 10K don’t count), and it feels good.  Spring has revitalized my creative spirit, even if it’s killed half my garden plants with its fickleness, and I’ll probably spend the next two or three weeks finishing up this first draft before returning to The Spoil and getting that shaped up for release.  Looks like it’ll be a busy year for Aenetlif Press.

Did anyone else take up the challenge?  Are you close to meeting your goal, or has life done its thing and derailed your efforts? I can’t remember if the second session will be in July and August next year, but now’s the time to prepare for either!


6 thoughts on “That’s the Game, Boys

  1. Congratulations!   Instead of joining Camp NaNo I should have done NaPoWriMo, because I’ve written a poem each day this month, but I’m 9000 words short of my goal for NaNo.  I’m far too exhausted to solve that state in the next 24 hours, but I have gotten some good editing done. I’ll try again In July, when I’m not working full-time, Will you try again then as well? S/

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    • I don’t really know what I’ll be working on in July, but if I’m not editing something else, I’ve got tons of half-thought-out projects that are perfect for NaNo madness.

  2. Congratulations! I did the NaPoWriMo poetry challenge instead, but came up short by about a dozen poems. Oh, well. It was still fun. 🙂

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