I have a confession to make.  I’ve been hiding something from you.  I didn’t want to share it for fear of alarming my loyal readers, because I can’t find my smelling salts and I don’t really want to be responsible for that sort of thing.  However, I want to mention it because I have a problem in front of me, and the only way to solve it is with your help.

It's...uh...ketchup.  Yeah.

It’s…uh…ketchup. Yeah.  Ketchup.

A few weeks before Christmas, I was put in touch with an agency in New York.  There were burner phones and cool sunglasses and self-destructing notes left under park benches – the whole deal.  I’m an international assassin, my last mission went awry, and I need you to hide me in your basement. Really.

Okay, no.  It was a literary agency, of course.  They loved The Last Death and are excited about my prospects for success, and even asked for the first chapter of The Spoil and didn’t throw up after reading it.  I’m not officially signed or anything – this is more of an advisory partnership at the moment.  But they’re a bunch of awesome people, I’m extraordinarily flattered that they find my book worth pursuing, and I’ve had some very helpful conversations about what I need to do to get my name out there and generate enough interest in my stuff before a traditional publishing house will bite at a self-published work that’s already on the market.  We’ll ignore the indignant chorus of accusations about the stigma of self-publishing, because I don’t really care about all that, and it doesn’t matter.

The point is, I’ve gotta move some books.  I have to be desirable and charming and sociable and in demand, none of which are adjectives that have ever been used to describe me before.  We all know that badgering readers for reviews doesn’t work, and beating people over the head with a paperback will barely even leave them with a concussion.  Trust me, I’m an international assassin.  The best you can do is a particularly vicious paper cut.

But here’s what might work: putting on some razzle dazzle with guest posts, or an interview or two.  There are hundreds of blogs out there with a literary focus, and I know some of you guys are among them.  So here I am, volunteering my services.  Have a fantasy topic that needs to be addressed?  Want historical grounding in issues that pop up in make-believe worlds?  I’m your gal.  Know of a blog that’s looking for authors?  Tell me!  Want to grow your own audience while helping out a fellow author?  Come do a guest spot on Inkless.  I know it’s hard to get noticed, but you notice me and I want to notice you.

What do you think?  Are you in?  Leave a comment, send an email, use smoke signals…just get in touch.  Let’s be awesome together.


12 thoughts on “Backscratcher

  1. I can use all the help I can get, and am willing to help others as well. I think it is great that your dad is supporting you. My parents don’t understand fantasy, so they pretend it doesn’t exist (technically they are right, I guess)

  2. Hi Jen, I was reading your inteview on create space, well, to find out how you sell books. I got my first book published by a publishing company but couldn’t get my second one published, so I put it on create space. I like what you said about a blog and I’ve been working on that and trying to get it more organized. Thank you for the info. And I’ll check out your book, sounds interesting.

    Dave Metz

    • Thanks, Dave! A blog is a great place to start when building an audience. It really helps get readers engaged and interested.

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