Onward and Upward

It’s an exciting time here at Bresnick Central.  Far from being a flash in the pan, my Shelf Unbound momentum is just starting to build, with Galleycat jumping on the story, a PR inquiry from Amazon, and a very positive conversation with a potential agent who’s interested in my work.


I’m ecstatic.

Clearly this means I actually need to figure out the ending to The Spoil of ZK.  I’m almost there, I promise, but the timeline for the climax is a little wonky at the moment, and I need some time to sit down with it and figure out exactly what I’m going to do with everyone.

In the meantime, though, I’ve joined a pretty cool initiative run by author Mark Lawrence called the Million Dollar Bookshop.  The premise is pretty simple: donate to a children’s charity from the list, and get some pixels and a link to your book on the board.


You can see mine in the corner there, if you look closely.  I didn’t have a fortune to spare, so I opted for a little bit of space, but it’s a really neat idea.  You get exposure for your book, and a children’s hospice and disability care program in the UK gets some much-needed funding.  If you have a blog or a book for sale, please consider a donation.

Otherwise, everything is just humming along.  I’m planning to see The Hobbit tomorrow (I missed the midnight premiere for the first time in my Tolkien movie history), which should be great.  The holidays are coming up, and my brilliant cookie plans are in the works.  The day job is going great, and I have very little to complain about, which is uncharacteristic and a little bit unsettling, if you ask me.  I guess I’ll have to manage.

How is everyone else doing?  Working on those half-finished NaNo manuscripts?  Hunkering down for the holidays?  Reading good books?  I hope so!


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