Keep On Keeping On

The past week has kind of slogged by, dragging itself out and staying much longer than it was welcome.  Hardly any jobs to even apply to, much less hear back about; a lot of disappointing and infuriating interactions with people who seem to think they’re entitled to beat up on me just because I exist.  But that’s the internet for you, and not something I’m going to get into here (it’s not writing-related, anyway).

But it’s a new week, and that means new possibilities for failure – or even, dare I say, not failure.  As if.

Hopefully indicative of an upward trend is the fact that I got a very nice review for TLDTC from a budding book blogger and fellow CreateSpace author, Addy Joseph.  She was kind enough give it a read, and I think, from the 5-star review and words like “enchanted” and “superb”, that she liked it.  So let’s all give her a cheer and a visit, even though as a Blogspotter I think she’s supposed to be our mortal enemy or something.

I’m also slowly still working on The Spoil of Zanuth-Karun, in between TV premieres, editing a manuscript for someone, and crochet projects.  It kind of sucks to only have two hands.  I could get so much more done with four or six.  But hey, someone gave me actual money to make them a crab hat, and the editing job is paid, too, so I really shouldn’t complain.  Like that’s ever stopped me before.

Anyway.  Hope you’re all keeping well, and that this post finds you in good spirits and better luck.  Until next time…


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