Accept All The Things!

I thought I was nominated for a few of these blog awards that circulate happiness and goodwill throughout the WordPress community, and I was getting ready to do an all-in-one acceptance post.

But it turns out it was the same award from two different people, which makes my life easier.  It’s not that I don’t like getting them, or that I don’t appreciate that my blog comes to mind when someone else is making their list of nominees.  It’s just that I don’t actually read a million different blogs to keep passing the thing along to, and there are only so many quirky and amusing facts about myself that I can list.

However, let’s give it a go.  I was nominated for the Seven Things About Me Award by both David Eric Cummins and Katherine Givens.  I hope that doesn’t mean I have to come up with fourteen things.  I’m not that interesting.

1. I really enjoy those squeezy fruit sauce packs that are suddenly everywhere.  I know they’re meant for kids and I should just pick up an apple and eat it like a grown up, but they look like space food.  No one can resist space food.

2. I absolutely have to play Tetris or some other mindless, repetitive puzzle game when I’m thinking about what to write.  I do it in between every sentence, or when I’m trying to pick the right word.  It’s the only way my brain functions.

3. I have more yarn than is good for me.  Much of it is very, very nice handmade stuff that was given to me as a gift, but I’m afraid to use any of it because I don’t want to waste it.  So it just sits there in my hoard.  I am a yarn dragon.

4. I rather desperately want a cat, but I’m not sure it would work out considering how much yarn there is in my apartment.

5. I always wear colorful or patterned socks.  Laundry day is often a challenge.

6. I love road trips and highway driving.  There’s something very freeing about it, as long as there’s no traffic.

7. I tend to fidget a lot, especially when I’m having conversations with people I don’t know.  No napkin edge or coffee stirrer is safe from my anxious hands.

And an extra one, just for kicks:

8. I think you guys are all kinds of awesome.  So there.

As for seven blogs, I’m just going to pick seven of my followers at random.  And the winners are:


Okay?  Okay.  In the future, if you’d like to nominate me for another thingy, please leave the comment on my About the Author page so I can keep track of them all in one place.

Until next time.  For all my American pals, I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  And for everyone else…yay for Monday?


2 thoughts on “Accept All The Things!

  1. I’ve been ignoring those awards for a while, myself, despite that I follow quite a few very entertaining blogs (like yours, as a matter of fact). Have to say, though, that my yarn pile devours your yarn pile! And then it belches politely. Our local big department store has just closed down as a result of Target moving into Canada. They kept discounting their fancy yarns, which meant I had to keep coming back to buy more of them. Since I already had two large Rubbermaid bins of yarn, and at least a bin of knitted projects ‘in progress’ I certainly didn’t *need* any yarn, but who can resist a sale? I do love knitting those fancy-schmancy socks, endless scarves, and odd mittens on those cold Canadian evenings when I’m listening to yet another Outlander audio book (Gabaldon keeps me and hubby warm). I enjoy my large collection of slightly mutated sweaters. I like astounding visitors with my astounding, over-flowing yarn basket by the electric fireplace. Cold evenings approach!

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one addicted. I’ve been trying to keep the stash down, including making blankets for people and a whole bunch of hats and scarves for charity over the winter. I’ve got a pretty small apartment, so it seems more monstrous than it is.

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