Friday Fun

Hey, everyone.  I’ve been a little zonked out this week, taking care of some appointments and getting back into the swing of things after my trip, so my apologizes for the lack of hard-hitting, take-your-breath-away blog entries in the past few days.

However, I did promise that the show would go on, and I just figured out how easy it is to make these little poll things, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

This is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and I know other people have, too.  Without naming any names, we’ve all been aware of the meteoric rise of several franchises that are…shall we say less than pure genius.

They’re crap, in other words.  50 Shades, Twilight, etc.  We know they’re poorly written, of negligible literary and cultural value – and raking in the dough like nobody’s business.

So here’s my question: do you want in?  If you could ONLY have one choice or the other, would you rather write an absolutely amazing, life-changing work of literary genius that makes grown Pulitzer judges cry, but have absolutely no one read it, or churn out a trilogy of tripe and teenage tragedy, but retire at 35?

Vote below, and leave a comment if you feel the burning need to expand further on your answer.


One thought on “Friday Fun

  1. Unfortunately, I’m writing tripe and still not getting any readers. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but maybe I should sprinkle in some poorly written sex scenes for comedic effect.

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