Well, Okay Then

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So.  Because I offered TLDTC for free on Smashwords for a while, hoping to get a few downloads and some new fans, Amazon decided to price match my book and make it free as well.

I know you can send in a little feedback thing notifying Amazon of a lower price at a different site, so maybe someone took advantage of that.  I didn’t, but who knows.

The point is that I’m actually rather pleased, even if Amazon didn’t bother notifying me about it before they went ahead.  I’m not losing any money, because I wasn’t selling any copies, so I might as well get myself another surge of exposure while I have the chance.

There’s a huge, huge market for free books on Amazon, and I had my biggest numbers ever when I used my KDP free promotion days.  It’s only been a couple of hours and I’ve already had more downloads than in the last month.  If I can get back on the Fantasy Top 100 chart, and keep it up for a couple of days, that would be pretty darn awesome.

So spread the word and tell all your friends that TLDTC is free for the foreseeable future on Amazon and Smashwords, too.  Hooray.

And finally, in other news, the paperback of Treason’s Choices is finally available from Amazon.  I need to spiff up the page a little bit, but the option is there.


2 thoughts on “Well, Okay Then

  1. So now the 10 cases of TLDTC that I bought from Amazon and are now sitting in my closet are worthless? (financially, certainly not artistically)

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