New and Improved

Well, even though certain aspects of my life are taking a nose dive right now, not everything is grim and horrible.  Shocking, I know, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

The other day I tallied up my download numbers from Amazon and Smashwords since March, when I released TLDTC, and at the moment, I’ve sold or given away (read: 95% given away) over 830 copies.

I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little – I’m guessing it’s a little – but for three months of flying solo, relying on little more than this blog and a couple of forums where everyone goes to promote, I’m fairly happy with it.

Add in 126 downloads of Treason’s Choices and 100 downloads of The Earthstepper’s Bargain (currently not available because I submitted it to a short story contest and it can’t be published elsewhere if I get accepted), and that puts me well over a thousand, even if there’s bound to be a significant amount of overlap between the three.

This makes me happy.  What also makes me happy is the new paperback version of TLDTC, which I received in the mail today:

I think it looks great, if for no other reason than the cover is finally properly aligned.  Of course, I had to start randomly flipping through it and notice a missing quotation mark right off the bat, but don’t people say that little imperfections are endearing?  I hope so.

I’ll be getting my proof copy of Treason’s Choices at some point next week, as well, so hopefully that will turn out just as nice.  It’ll be pretty cool to see them on the shelf together, and to know that even if everything else falls apart, even if I never make a million dollars or become a household name, I’ve still done something this year I can be truly proud of.


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