And We’re Back

For the past couple of days, I’ve been doing yet another run-through of TLDTC, trying to catch every last one of those damn pesky typos.  I read somewhere that it’s incredibly difficult for an author to catch his or her own mistakes, because we read what we know should be there instead of what actually is.  This is so true, it’s scary.

I think the problem is also that I’ve done so many edits, moving words around, adding and deleting, and especially changing sentence structure that little dangly bits keep popping up each time, and of

I’m just kind of a little in love with this cover.

course since I just read through to edit it, I don’t really think about checking to make sure that I haven’t added any new mistakes.  It’s doubly hard because I’m usually very particular about grammar and spelling, so please know that I’m properly embarrassed about all the little screw ups I’ve made.  Hopefully I’ve caught them all this time.  Yeah, right.

But now that I’ve finished my last read for a while (paperbacks with the new cover are coming in a couple of days, which is why I started this whole thing again), I can get back to Serdaro and his pals.  I’ve left them in limbo for a while, having lost the thread, but after forcing myself to sit down and figure out just what the hell is supposed to be going on, I think I’ve gotten back on track.  It’s a good feeling.

I think I’ve sworn up and down a couple of times now that I’ll be good about posting and keep up with everything like the awesome juggling magician that I am, so you can probably just ignore me from now on, because clearly it’s not exactly true.

Too much stuff is going on, and sometimes authoring has to take a back seat.  I wish I had the entrepreneurial spirit to do lots of promotion and get tons of fans and make a million dollars, but really I’m just pleased that I spelled “entrepreneurial” correctly the first time around.  Little victories.

In other news, I had a couple of my poems (previously published here) accepted into a literary anthology, which was pretty sweet.  I’ll hear more about it in August, I believe.  I’ve also submitted The Earthstepper’s Bargain to a fantasy anthology, although there seems to be a great deal more competition for that one.  It’s been unpublished on Smashwords for the moment due to the rules of the contest, but shoot me an email through the contact form if you’re interested in reading it.

That’s all for now.  Stay cool!


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