Treason’s Choices: Seovann’s Tale


Click here to download from Smashwords

After the pretty successful reception of The Earthstepper’s Bargain, I figured I’d release the other piece I’ve had hiding away in the dark and cobweb-riddled depths of my hard drive.  It’s not really a short story – at 50,000 words I think that’s pushing the definition a bit – but I don’t really consider it a stand-alone novel.  A novella, maybe? I don’t know.

In any case, it’s the story of several of my secondary characters from The Last Death of Tev Chrisini.  You can read it on its own without any spoilers, don’t worry.  If you’ve been wanting to know about the lives of Seovann, Sanemki, the Chithura, and Kerimu before Tev and Lerien encounter them in TLDTC, this is the story for you.

Download it absolutely free from Smashwords (which I am growing to love due to its instant publication) by clicking on the picture.  Or right here, if you don’t feel like scrolling back up again.

Hope you enjoy.


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