Odds and Ends

Just a few general notes:

– My two day promotion ended with 366 free downloads, and a highest ranking of #14 in free epic fantasy.  Pretty sweet, if you ask me.  However, those downloads don’t count towards units sold after all, meaning my paid ranking is still somewhere in the dismal and dreary 299,000’s.  But hopefully at least some of my readers (that means you!) will give me positive Amazon reviews, or tell their friends, or work for Tor and become overwhelmed with maddened desperation to snatch me up with a contract.  Or something.  I still have three free days left, so look forward to another sale at some point.

– If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added a new page with a new title, The Spoil of Zanuth-Karun.  I think I’ve decided to give Sareisa and The Paper Flower a rest for the moment, so this is my new project.  It’s a prequel to TLDTC, and should hopefully cover the rise of Darroth Adin, the fall of the Empire, and the secrets of the Moreivi’s origins.  One of the reasons I wanted to put The Paper Flower aside was because it’s too sad.  Then I realized that this one is basically about the end of a golden age of peace, the triumph of evil, and the torture and massacre of an innocent people, written from the perspective of a character that everyone already knows is a failure.  I feel so terrible for him already, and I’ve only written a thousand words. So much for being cheerful.

You can read the prologue on the book page [possible SPOILERS].  It will make immeasurably more sense if you’ve already read TLDTC.  In fact, the whole thing is supposed to be read second, even though it’s a prequel.

– This is completely unrelated to anything having to do with writing, but you know those home fragrance things with the little gel spheres that dry out after a while?  Just put some warm water in the container and they’ll soak it right up, prolonging its smelliness.  I discovered this a little while ago and have had no one in my life who also uses those things to share it with.  You’re welcome.

– I can’t really think of anything else that will bring this entry back on track, so I’m just going to scuttle away awkwardly and hope you don’t notice.  Don’t mind me.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

    • It took a long time for me to get ready to release my book (I started writing in Nov. of 2009), but it’s totally worth it. Keep at it, and you’ll get there, too!

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