Report, If You Please, Mr. Pullings

So.  After about 36 hours of free promotion (it will continue through the end of today, April 4, if you missed out yesterday), I’m at #14 on the free epic fantasy chart and holding steady for the moment.  Approximately 300 copies sold so far, which is beyond my wildest expectations as it is.

I’m not exactly sure how it works when the promotion ends.  I suppose they count as units sold, even if they were free, so theoretically I should retain a fairly good ranking on the paid charts, even though the scale is totally different.  Game of Thrones has at least five of the top ten spots, and I’m pretty certain that’s sold more than 300 copies, you know?

But even if I plummet back to the bottom, it’s still been an awesome experience, and a slightly creepy one.  People I don’t know are interested in reading my stuff!  Some of them won’t like it.  Some of them might.  It’ll become a part of their consciousness in a completely different way than it’s a part of mine, and that’s odd to think about.  Exciting, but strange.  I feel really lucky that there are people willing to take a chance and invest a little time in exploring what I love to do, even if they just glance at it and never finish.  It’s a great feeling.  Much better than I expected, honestly.

So thanks to anyone who wandered over to my blog from Amazon, and thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement to pursue this for real.  The money I would have made yesterday, if I hadn’t given away 300 copies for free, would have been enough to buy at least some of you a drink, but you lose.  I guess you’ll just have to pay for it again when the price goes back up.  Or buy your own drinks.  Yeah.  You freeloaders.


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