As the Kids These Days Are Saying: Squeee!

Real quick:

I look weird in this picture because I had to flip it around to compensate for Photobooth being a pain.  Anyway, here it is!  I love it.  It looks fantastic, except for a few very minor formatting issues that were my fault, and easily fixable.

Copies should be available through Amazon and through CreateSpace’s online store in a day or two.  I’ll definitely be letting you know.  If you love me, please buy through CreateSpace instead of Amazon.  You pay the same price ($10.99, which is a steal!) but I get two bucks from CreateSpace instead of 13 cents from  Weird, because Amazon owns CreateSpace.  But whatever.

I waited around all day for the UPS guy, because UPS never leaves packages without signing for them.  Except for today, of course.  He didn’t even ring the buzzer, so I had no idea it was sitting out there.

I have to say, it’s pretty awesome seeing my words all bound up properly, looking like a real, respectable book.  I know anyone can put anything through and get it printed, but I’ve worked so hard on this thing.  Seeing it in its final form is both exhilarating and kind of sad.  No more work to be done!  No more work I can do.

But that’s why we have new projects.  I’m still going to sit here and kvell over it for a while, though.  Squee.


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